21 October 2015

During the accreditation process, representatives of Aviation Register inspected the organizational, technological and production processes of the JSC “Aviaagregat” test center for compliance with the AR IAC requirements.

Pavel Mayorov, the CEO of Aviaagregat, informs, "In the course of accreditation, the center's performance capabilities in various kinds of tests were fully presented to the board." According to the inspectors, the test center possesses the required and sufficient potential for successfully passing the AR IAC accreditation procedure.

The test center has state-of-the-art equipment with Russian- and foreign-made control and recording systems, hydraulic control devices, and actuator drive units compliant with the latest international standards, enabling the full range of tests of manufactured items to ensure their compliance with the performance objectives.

All products manufactured at Aviaagregat — aircraft and helicopter landing gear, hydraulic cylinders, dampers, hydraulic accumulators, assemblies and parts of aircraft accessories — are tested at the center. The center has the resources to conduct strength and climatic tests, a pressurization test, fatigue substantiation, fatigue limit test, as well as a service life test, environmental test and a multiple retraction/extension test.

"The test center is equipped with stands for carrying out critical tests. In addition, we are currently adopting domestic-made automated test recording systems," emphasized Maxim Kuzyuk, the CEO of Technodinamika. "The test facilities for testing the main and tail landing gears of the Ka-62 helicopter are a striking example of this approach."