13 October 2015

The document was signed by Vladimir Tretyakov, the CEO of JSC "Start" A. I. Yaskin Research and Development Enterprise, affiliated with the Technodinamika Holding, and Alexander Sorokoletovskikh, Deputy Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Regional Branch of the All-Russian Voluntary Fire Organization.

The "Start" Research and Development Enterprise has manufactured 50 "Spas" fire-fighting modules for volunteer fire brigades in the Sverdlovsk Region. The modules will be used to fight and contain fires.

The dealer contract solves the problem of providing non-professional fire-fighting personnel with reliable, easy-to-use, and effective equipment not only on the territory of the Sverdlovsk Region, but also outside it, for instance, in the Perm, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Kurgan regions, and etc., thus expanding the sales market of civil products manufactured by the enterprise.

Over the last two years, the Department of Public Security of the Sverdlovsk Region has been financing the procurement of fire-fighting equipment manufactured by the "Start" Research and Development Enterprise. "Start" manufactured 27 fire-fighting modules in 2014 and 23 in 2015.

The "Spas" fire-fighting module is a specialized mobile unit developed for volunteer mobile fire brigades. It is essentially a patented mobile device for containing fires based on the present-day truck trailer, which includes a water container, a high-duty engine-driven pump with fire hoses and branch pipes, and a set of primary fire-fighting means (fire extinguishers and entrenching tools). It is towed by Niva, UAZ, and Gazel vehicles, as well as tractors. It takes under 4 minutes to fill the container with water from a natural source. The module is designed for a crew of two persons.