15 June 2015

“The product line, which will be demonstrated by the holding at the Le Bourget European Exhibition for the first time covers a wide range of aviation equipment and latest unique innovation systems. Today the company is ready to offer best solutions to the market and compete for a significant share of the world market with international manufacturers”, said Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of “Teсhnodinamika”.

“Teсhnodinamika” will be presented at Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2015 within the general exposition of Rostec State Corporation. In order to demonstrate the holding’s possibilities, the visitors of the exhibition will get an opportunity to see the products on a special interactive multimedia stand with the possibility of viewing the features and interpreting 3D models of packages and systems.
The newest variable frequency AC generator is among the latest developments of the holding, which will be presented in this format. It is created for MS-21 and now its current efficiency is 8% higher than that of existing analogues. It was possible to make the package 25% lighter as compared to analogues, as well as much safer and cheaper in use. This has been achieved by eliminating a hydraulic constant speed drive. This unique package will form the basis for a range of aircraft generators. Also, 40 kW generator intended for use on IL-112V aircraft will appear in the range of “Technodinamika” generators.

The holding has also developed a new auxiliary power plant VSU-90/120. The newest auxiliary power plant for short-haul and medium-haul aircraft is safer and easier as compared to other domestic analogues. It was possible to reduce its operating costs significantly, extend its life and reduce mass-dimensional features. The main VSU-90/120 structural feature is 2-step centrifugal compressor application. Its price, which will be lower than that of foreign market players, will be an important advantage over advanced foreign products with the same technical specifications as our auxiliary power plant.

Specifications of the unique fire protection system developed jointly with the American company Curtiss-Wright Controls will outrun all the existing analogues in the Russian market. Its packages are 15% lighter as compared to analogues, and the system itself is smaller due to new block structure and lightweight fire extinguishers. The most important feature of the system is high speed and reaction that helps to ensure the safety of aircraft’s passengers. In addition, it will have the highest reliability degree thanks to protection from false alarms, as well as possibility of unification for different types of vessels. Modular architecture of the system will provide reduced cost of operation, considerable life extension up to aircraft life, as well as maximum unification of components between different types of aircrafts. Unification also means reduction in development and testing time of similar systems for new aircrafts.

Main and tail landing gears for Ka-62 helicopter will be another important structure presented at Le Bourget. Integration of shock absorber and jack in one package is particularity of the chassis design for Ka-62 helicopter. The combined jack providing loads absorption at landing, landing gear retraction and extension and their holding in the appropriate position is marked by small dimensions and allows meeting the requirements on helicopter landing with large vertical speeds, which enables using them for offshore projects.
Over the past two years, the company has passed a series of profound transformations. For example, a distributed design center has been created, having more than 200 projects in development; pilot projects to establish technological and manufacturing competencies, implementation of integrated ERP systems, and centralized IT service centers have been launched. Modernization of production and certification of critical production processes under international standards is ongoing. The holding’s sales portfolio is enhanced with new innovations; deliveries’ scope and geography have expanded, which includes signing contracts with international leaders.