10 December 2015

The center plans to be certified in line with the European Standard EASA Part 145 and the Russian Compliance Standard FAP-145 in February 2016, and will begin rendering services to clients shortly thereafter.
"The site is complete from the technological standpoint. To commence operations, it only needs to be certified in line with the Russian and European standards," noted a representatives of the Technodinamika Aviation Service Center. After its grand opening, the maintenance and repair center will begin providing repair and maintenance services for aircraft components.

At the first stage, the center will service the navigational aids and communication equipment, electrical system and lighting equipment, oxygen equipment, components of anti-icing and fire-protection systems, and catering equipment. In the future, the list of maintained systems will be extended and the services will be further developed.

The list of equipment to be maintained at the initial stage was determined based on the market share. The Technodinamika Service Center will repair not only the equipment most frequently installed on the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 aircraft series, but also components of Russian- and Soviet-made aircraft, including Sukhoi Superjet 100 and, in the future, MS-21.

"We have chosen Vnukovo to ensure accessibility for operators and because of the availability of suitable spaces," notes Oleg Vasiliev, CEO of the Technodinamika Aviation Service Center. "This is convenient for our customers because it substantially speeds up the time of components delivery to the repair base and back." He points out that at the moment, the Aviation Service Center has concluded contracts for maintenance and repair of components with the largest Russian airlines, and therefore, the site will have plenty of orders. Moreover, the CEO of the Technodinamika Aviation Service Center adds that the possibility of certifying the center in line with Part 21 is now being considered to enable the center to work with aircraft interiors.