11 March 2015

“A new stage of development starts for Technodinamika. In recent years, serious and large-scale work has been conducted to bring the aggregate-building industry out of a protracted crisis. And this credit rightfully belongs to the holding”, says Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec State Corporation. “The new brand with international potential will help the company to finally return to the world leader level and succeed within the Rostec strategy to improve the holding capitalization thanks to the work in the global market. Making a really qualitative, highly-functioning brand means opening the path to commercial success”.

According to the development strategy, by 2020 the holding intends to become a global supplier of 12 aircraft systems, including landing gears, power systems, safety and life-sustaining systems of aircrafts; power plants, as well as hydraulic and fuel systems. It is expected that the company's overall revenue will increase 3 times, from 21 to 70 billion rubles, and the aggregate net profit almost 4 times, up to 6.4 billion rubles. Thus, “Technodinamika” will enter the world’s top 5 suppliers of aviation equipment.

The holding also plans increasing its capitalization from 32.6 to 67.4 billion rubles by 2017. Assets value will increase, first of all, due to product portfolio and manufacturing complex development and management effectiveness increase. Thanks to new holding management tools only, the holding can increase its capitalization by 11 billion rubles. The focus will be on management structure, people and corporate culture, introduction of business process management system, advancing the decision-making system, "operational holding” building, and brand and communications.

The holding’s product portfolio will be expanded through the implementation of more than 200 projects in competitive products development. The manufacturing complex development envisages 28 billion ruble investments by 2020. These funds will be used for establishing technological competency centers, arranging production centers, automation by implementing ERP systems and introduction of AS 9100 international quality management system. All this, presumably, will lead to 2-3 times productivity increase and 2 times reduction of overhead costs.
"We move persistently within our strategy of creating a complex system integrator, which will bring our enterprises that make up the whole system-building industry to a new level of effectiveness”, notes Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of the company. “In addition to this, today we finalize the internal organization phase, without which it is impossible to become a first-level supplier in the domestic market and show ourselves as a reliable partner."
All prerequisites exist for these global plans of the holding. In just two years since the adoption of the new strategy it has undergone a series of profound transformations: a unique center for distributed design is created, and pilot projects to establish technological and manufacturing competency, implementation of integrated ERP systems, and centralized IT service centers are launched. Modernization of production and certification of critical production processes are ongoing. Optimized holding sales portfolio is enhanced with new innovations; deliveries’ scope and geography have expanded, which includes signing contracts with international leaders.

The holding’s capacity for large-scale modification is confirmed by representatives of major aircraft manufacturers, who note that the holding’s uniqueness lies in a very high pace and a wide range of changes being introduced. For joint projects, “Technodinamika” offers not to rework old generation systems, but to develop completely new and competitive solutions not only in price, but also in technical parameters.