15 June 2015

"The range of products demonstrated by the Holding at Le Bourget European exhibition will, for the first time, encompass the widest range of aviation equipment and the newest unique innovative systems significantly exceeding existing Russian ones and as good as the most advanced world-class analogues. Today the company is ready to offer optimal solutions to the market and to compete for a significant share of the global market with international manufacturers," said Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of Technodinamika.

Technodinamika will be represented at the Le Bourget Airshow 2015 in Paris as part of the general exhibition for Rostec State Corporation. The Holding's capabilities will be demonstrated to exhibition visitors, who will have the opportunity to see products on a special interactive multimedia stand and view and disassemble 3D-models of units and systems.
One of the newest Holding developments to be presented in this format is an innovative variable frequency alternator. This new-generation alternator has no equivalents in the Russian market. It will be at the same level as the production of global leaders Thales and Hamilton. It is developed for the MC-21, and even now its design efficiency is 8% higher, its weight is 25% lower, and furthermore it is cheaper and more reliable than any Russian analogue used. It was obtained by excluding a hydraulic drive with constant rotation speed. This new development will be the main aircraft alternator line. So, 60-kW alternators will find application in Russian helicopters, including future ones, for instance, the Russian-Chinese project. The 40-kW alternator intended for use on IL-112V aircraft will be included in this line as well.
The Holding will also present a new auxiliary power unit APU-90/120. This newest APU for short and medium range aircrafts has no analogues on the Russian market. Technodinamika designers have managed to significantly increase the service life and reliability, and decrease weight and dimensions. The main design feature of the APU-90/120 is the use of a 2-stage centrifugal compressor. The lower price for this APU will be an important advantage against advanced foreign products with similar specifications. Implementation of innovative design solutions in the new APU will make it possible to reduce its operating costs.
The latest fire protection system being developed in cooperation with the American company Curtiss-Wright-Controls has attracted special attention at Russian and international exhibitions in 2015. Its units are 15% lighter than analogues, and the system itself is more compact due to a new unit design and lighter fire extinguishers. The most important system feature is fast activation and reaction that ensures aircraft passenger safety. Furthermore, it will have the highest reliability due to false activation protection, as well as being adaptable for various aircraft types. The system's modular architecture will provide lower operating costs, a significant service life increase, as well as maximum standardization of components between various aircraft types. Harmonization also means lead-time and testing periods are reduced for similar systems designed for new aircrafts. The fire protection system being developed by Technodinamika together with the global leader in this area has no Russian analogues and is one of the most advanced on the international market.
The main and tail landing gears for the Ка-62 helicopter will be another important by Holding development presented at Le Bourget. A feature of the Ka-62 helicopter landing gear design is a shock absorber and retraction actuator combined in a single unit. The combined retraction actuator ensures shock absorption of loads in landing, retraction and extension of landing gears and when holding in the corresponding positions. It has small overall dimensions and makes it possible to satisfy the requirements for helicopter landing at high vertical speeds and to use the helicopter for offshore projects.
Systematic implementation of the Holding's strategy as a complete systems integrator will make it possible to lift our enterprises, representing a whole component construction industry, to a new qualitative efficiency level. Technodinamika intends to enter the top five largest global equipment suppliers by 2020 and to become a global supplier of 12 aviation systems, including: take-off and landing devices, electric power systems, safety and life support systems for aircraft; power units, as well as hydraulic and fuel systems. The company's consolidated revenues are expected to triple, from 21 to 70 bln rubles, and consolidated net profit to increase nearly four-fold, to 6.4 bln rubles.