07 October 2016

The Ufa Aggregate Production Association (UAPO), part of Rostec’s Technodinamika Holding Company, has upgraded and launched an exemplary motor assembly area. The new work and workplace organization principles helped speed up the assembly process, facilitate the parts kitting process and reduce the reject rate.

Since 2015 Technodinamika has been involved in establishing exemplary (standard) areas at the Ufa Aggregate Production Association (UAPO), its subsidiary. This time its efforts were focused on a motor assembly area. Now the flowline assembly principle is used to make a motor, which assumes a sequential assembly process.

In addition, as part of the efforts to renew the area and bring it to the exemplary level,   access to parts was facilitated and a tool storage system was re-arranged. Overhaul of the room and additional lighting units created more comfortable working conditions. This resulted in improved product quality: the failure rate during tests decreased by 30% compared to the same period last year. In addition, innovations speeded up the manufacturing process. As to defective goods, the number of complaints decreased by 80%.

“This is not the first exemplary area launched at UAPO,” says UAPO CEO Leonid Luzgin. “In March of this year, an exemplary production area for PTS-250S aircraft electrical power systems reached the design capacity.” He noted that the introduction of new principles of work and workplace organization reduced the number of mistakes made by operators before in-process inspection at other production areas. Yet another facility, UAPO’s first exemplary test area, is being prepared for launch, said Leonid Luzgin.

“The purpose of establishing such areas is to expand production capacity of our enterprises: production output grows and the reject rate decreases owing to proper work organization,” says Technodinamika CEO Maxim Kuzyuk. “We’ll implement UAPO’s practice at other enterprises of the holding.”