04 April 2016

In March 2016, an exemplary area for manufacturing PTS-250S aircraft power systems at the Ufa Aggregate Production Association (UAPO), part of the Technodinamika Holding, has reached its design capacity. The introduction of new principles of work and workplace organization made it possible to reduce the cost of quality, increase production capacity and production predictability. This will ensure a steady supply of finished products to customers, even with an increase in the number of orders.

In December 2015 the UAPO management decided to set up an exemplary PTS-250S production area. To this end, the whole production cycle, from pre-assembling to testing, was concentrated at one site. The availability of a test bench in close proximity reduced the risk of damage to semi-finished products in transit and made it possible to identify and eliminate defects immediately and within the production area. Using new equipment - soldering stations and heat guns - significantly improved the quality of solder joints in electronic components while antistatic equipment eliminated the likelihood of failure due to static voltages. New specialized visual augmentation devices enabled the inspection of soldered elements for hidden defects. Therefore, workplace standardization, assembly process visualization, area workload balancing using the Yamazumi chart, mobility of inspectors who quickly analyze products for defects, helped reduce the rejection rate for products submitted to the QC department for acceptance.

“By changing the work and workplace layout, we have managed to reduce the cost of quality and considerably fix bottlenecks in manufacturing. If the number of orders increases, we will be able to produce more high-quality products in a predictable timeframe and provide timely deliveries to our customers at a steady rate,” says Technodinamika UAPO CEO Leonid Luzgin. He also notes that UAPO is not going to rest on its laurels and will extend the approaches, which helped reduce the number of mistakes made by operators before quality control, to other production areas.
The PTS-250S is one of products, whose production Technodinamika has transferred from its site at the Yakor Design Bureau in Moscow to UAPO. It was a pilot project to launch the full production cycle of the product and its batch production. Preparations for transferring PTS-250 production from Moscow to UAPO started in 2013. Batch production of some PTS-250S components commenced in January 2014. In June of the same year, the finished product successfully passed qualification tests. In July UAPO reached the design capacity and launched batch production. Launching the product into manufacture has been implemented using Technodinamika’s own resources.