19 September 2016

Technodinamika Holding, a division of Rostec State Corporation, will bring a family of its diving gear to the consumer market. Respirator, the holding's research and development company with 60-year history, will sell its diving regulators under a new brand. The equipment will be sold openly as soon as in 2017.

Technodinamika will produce a line-up of diving regulators, which will be sold on the consumer market under one brand. This announcement was made at the Army 2016 international military-technical forum, held in Kubinka near Moscow from September 6 through 11.

The line-up will consist of five regulators, each tailored for a particular customer segment, from beginners to technical divers and professionals operating in adverse conditions. The brand already has a name, but it isn't unveiled so far.

Technodinamika boasts a wealth of expertise in manufacturing diving gear. The first Russian scuba kit, named AVM-1, was developed by Respirator as far back as in 1957. Today, the company makes products that can be used in any conditions and within a wide range of temperatures (down to –4 degrees Celsius).

"The diving team of the Russian Geographical Society will support us in promoting the diving regulators first on the Russian market and then abroad. The team are very well familiar with our regulators and help us improve their convenience and design," said Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of Technodinamika. "Next year, we will be ready to unveil them to the public." In the near future, the holding is planning to take about 10% of Russia's diving regulators market.

Russian diving gear has been used to set a number of world records, which proves their superb reliability. Thus, Respirator-made regulators were applied to dive to the depth of about 100 meters in the Antarctic, White Sea, and Barents Sea, where the water temperature was below zero. And the equipment operated perfectly during these record dives.