12 July 2016

The Aviation Service Center (ASC), a Technodinamika’s subsidiary, has opened a representative office in India. According to Technodinamika’s representative, agreements were also reached with the local operators on long-term contracts for the repair of components.

“For the present, this is an office, but we are working hard to set up a joint venture in the near future and localize repair production in India,” said Alexander Litvinov, Technodinamika Deputy CEO for Innovation, Development and Sales, at the INNOPROM 2016 exhibition.

This Technodinamika’s joint venture in India will be engaged in the repair of components of Russian aircraft operational with the Indian Air Force, such as repair of wheels and brakes, switching equipment, oxygen equipment, electrical equipment, emergency equipment and fire-fighting equipment.

In addition, Technodinamika will deliver equipment and ground equipment, provide airplanes and helicopters with hardware components. In 2015, its Aviation Service Center passed accreditation by the Indian Air Force, which enabled it to participate in tenders for the supply of components. In the same year, ASC won a contract worth 1.6 billion rubles to supply the Indian Air Force with components.

To date, the Indian Air Force operates 264 MiG-21 fighters, of which at least 120 MiG-21s are scheduled to remain in service until 2019, 69 MiG-29/29UBs, and 200 Su-30MKIs (Russia sold India 230 fighter sets for licensed assembly totaling $8.5 billion under three contracts, another contract worth $3.4 billion for the supply of 42 additional Su-30MKI sets was signed in 2012). In addition, the Indian Air Force operates 23 IL-76 heavy transport aircraft and its derivatives, 105 An-32 medium transport aircraft, and 158 helicopters (Mi-8/17, Mi-26 and Mi-35).