15 October 2015

The Ufa Assembly Production Organization (UAPO), affiliated with the Technodinamika Holding, has successfully manufactured the first batch of PTS-2500 static three-phase converters. This equipment is used to supply AC voltage to the electric user and for converting direct voltage into three-phase alternating current. The PTS-250s are employed on An, MiG, Tu, and IL aircrafts.

The Technodinamika enterprise has manufactured the first 11 items, while the total volume of deliveries by the end of the year will amount to 51 converters. Representatives of the enterprise point out that the products are manufactured as per the schedule.

The launch of batch PTS-2500 production was carried out as part of the transfer of production from the Moscow Holding site (formerly ADB "Yakor") to the UAPO site. Preparation for this process began in February–March 2014. The launch of the product's manufacture was funded by UAPO. In July 2015, the enterprise reached its full capacity and began building the prototype.

"The launch of PTS-250 production is another step towards implementing the strategy of setting up a center of expertise for the production of electric supply systems at UAPO," states Maxim Kuzyuk, the CEO of Technodinamika. "This serves to improve production efficiency by standardizing the components and concentrating their manufacture in one place, which also cuts the logistical costs."