16 November 2015

Technodinamika has plans to submit its bid for development and delivery of equipment for the joint Sino-Russian project for a wide-bodied, long-range airliner. The holding company has already prepared and submitted its proposal for the 14 systems to the manufacturers: United Aircraft Corporation and COMAC.

The holding company has responded to the request for information related to the undercarriage, fire protection system, air conditioning systems, auxiliary power plant, electrical generating system and the onboard inert-gas generation system. The holding company has also offered to develop the hydraulic and fuel systems as well as other systems.

"We are prepared to produce competitive and advanced equipment”, stated Maxim Kuzyuk, Technodinamika's Chief Executive Officer. ”The current economic situation at the moment is playing right into our hands — our proposal could be more favourable than those from foreign market players."

In his opinion, the manufacturers will select the systems providers in 2016.

“Our involvement in the widebodied, long-range aircraft project is part of the company's strategy to break into the global market. Technodinamika's analysts consider that the total market volume for components required by the potential aircraft could be as much as RUB 100 billion in the first year, and grow with an annual average rate of 19.5% in the next 5 years.

The memorandum to develop the new aircraft was signed between the Russian and Chinese sides in April 2014. At that moment the new program was spoken of as one of the largest projects of international cooperation in the area of aircraft engineering and high-technologies for both countries. The UAC commented that China's was interested in developing no less than 1000 such aircraft.