16 December 2015

The new landing gear version will include the possibility of emergency self-extension of the landing gear without bringing energy from aircraft sources by using compressed gas. Therefore, the reliability of the landing gear extension in emergencies will be enhanced.
Technodinamika Holding of Rostec State Corporation is retrofitting the landing gear in the Ka-62 helicopter. In emergencies, for instance, failure of hydraulic systems, the landing gear can be extended without using energy from the aircraft sources.
The reliability of the landing gear extension in the most types of the domestic aviation equipment is provided by overriding the hydraulic systems. In the landing gear design retrofitted by Technodinamika, this requirement is satisfied by using compressed gas energy. Together with optimal design solutions, this makes it possible to substantially reduce the weight of the landing gear units and production cost by eliminating of large complicated parts from the design.
“The new circuit and design solutions developed for retrofitting the landing gear of the Ka-62 helicopter can be used in both helicopter and aircraft landing gears,” said Alexander Litvinov, Deputy CEO for Innovations, Development and Sales.
Presently, the project is at the design documentation development stage for new units. According to information from Technodinamika Holding, launch of production and testing of the retrofitted landing gear is planned for the first half of 2016.