22 December 2015

Technodinamika Holding  is carrying out research in the area of landing gear electrification for replacing the landing gear retraction and extension hydraulic drive with an electric one. The electromechanical landing gear retraction and extension system intended for the Tu-204 aircraft, in which the hydraulic drives were replaced with the electric ones, is being studied.
The fact that the hydraulic systems do not need continual maintenance makes Technodinamika's development interesting for potential customers. The landing gear retraction and extension electronics system makes it possible to continuously monitor its set of parameters and to ensure the timely prevention of failures in the course of technical maintenance, which adds more reliability and controllability to the aircraft equipment's operation.
“The development of aviation in recent years has been following the path of ever increasing electrification of aircraft and helicopters, right up to the creation of all-electric aircraft, which became most noticeable with the appearance and development of drone aircraft," said Victor Nikolenko, Director of Technodinamika Design Center. The reduction in weight and overall dimensions, improvement in the performances of the state-of-the-art electric drives through new design solutions and production methods, and the rapid development of electronics make it possible to replace a whole range of aircraft and helicopter hydraulic actuators with electric ones."
The studies performed by Technodinamika Holding company demonstrate the possibility of the wide application of electromechanical retraction and extension systems. "This is particularly relevant in view of the emergence of heavier and faster drones requiring developed landing gear for take-off and landing, and for which an electromechanical retraction and extension actuator is vital; these system will also find application in new developments of manned aircraft and helicopters," added Victor Nikolenko.