09 July 2015

After that “Technodinamika” intends to get the status of a special economic zone resident and start to realize the project.The agreement of intent was signed by Head of the Holding Maxim Kuzyuk and Director General of SEZ Artemiy Kyzlasov. The parties came to an agreement about the implementation of the project which will be done by steps. In the near future, the technical and economical features of the future manufacturing will be determined and a business plan will be developed. After that “Technodinamika” intends to get the status of a special economic zone resident and start to realize the project.

“Our cooperation with SEZ will substantially reduce the manufacturing cost of titanium products for Russian aviation as well as reduce the cost of the logistic part”, states CEO of “Technodinamika” JSC Maxim Kuzyuk.

The disposition of mechanical processing production in the direct vicinity of the industrial giant “VSMPO-Avisma corporation”, the world’s largest producer of titanium, opens even more opportunities of industrial cooperation and development for the Holding.

According to Director General of “Titanium valley SEZ” Artemiy Kyzlasov, this project will favor the expansion of the Titanium cluster of the Sverdlovsk region as well as the development of the unique specialization of SEZ, the organization of new high tech manufacturing of titanium products and the expansion of its assortment.

“Titanium valley” Special Economic Zone will unite the manufacturers of titanium products, components and equipment for metallurgy, machinery construction, and construction materials. Unique conditions have been established for the residents of SEZ, which are production infrastructure, administrative, tax, customs and land benefits. “Titanium valley” offers some of the most advantageous profit tax conditions in the Russian Federation. The project is protected by the federal law from any adverse movements in the Russian Federation system of taxation for the whole period of SEZ validity.