23 September 2015

The rating includes the head operational holding companies preparing consolidated reports that account for figures of both the parent company and its subsidiaries.
In 2014 the Holding’s revenues amounted to RUB 20 bln, 763 mln. In particular, in 2014 the Holding built up the volume of production to RUB 18 bln, 29 mln. The analogous figure in 2013 was RUB 15 bln, 394 mln.

Under the development strategy, by 2020 the Holding aims to become the global supplier of 12 aviation systems, including alighting gears; electric, safety, and life support systems of aircraft; power units, as well as hydraulic and fuel systems. The company expects to triple its consolidated revenues — from RUB 21 to 70 bln, while the consolidated net income will grow nearly 4-fold to RUB 6.4 bln. Thus, Technodinamika will become one of the five largest worldwide suppliers of aviation equipment. The Holding also plans to increase its capitalization from RUB 32.6 bln to RUB 67.4 bln by 2017.

"Our strategy is aimed at systematic growth, and the TOP-500 rating is an adequate indicator of our present-day position in the industry, as well as an indicator of the changes that the company's activity will undergo," stated Maxim Kuzyuk, the CEO of Technodinamika. "By 2020 we are not only going to gain at least 250 positions in the rating and join the first 150 Russian companies, but will also enter the TOP-5 worldwide suppliers of aviation equipment."