08 April 2015

Technodinamika Holding of Rostec State Corporation participated in the Management of the Future–15 annual conference of the Graduate School of Management of Saint Petersburg State University. The conference is designed to help promising students start a career in the best Russian companies.

The Holding's participation in the Management of the Future conference was not just confined to a presentation of the company. The main task was to show the young specialists that, when it comes to career opportunities, today's Russian aircraft industry is just as good as areas such as finance and consulting. Despite the tight conference schedule, the interactive event conducted by the Holding's representatives was attended by more than half of those present at the conference.

The director of the Technodinamika Design Center Viktor Nikolenko told the students about the prospects facing the domestic aircraft industry and about the approaches applied today in aircraft design and construction. Modern information technology and compliance with international standards at Russian enterprises provide young specialists with high skills, and allow them to address serious challenges at the early stages of their work and make such specialists competitive not only in Russia, but also at the global level.

Viktor Kostyuchenko, a young company specialist, told the students how he had built a career at Technodinamika after graduating from university. Today he is already the head of the landing gear crew at Technodinamika Design Center and, thanks to the company, is undergoing training on the unique program of the Higher School of Systems Engineering, created at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) in line with the best world examples of technological universities specifically for the Russian industry.

Technodinamika's representatives also participated in the job fair, where the students had an opportunity to talk to Technodinamika's department for personnel selection, training and development, and submit their resumes. The Holding is already preparing invitations to interview the most interesting candidates.

The conference was attended by about one hundred students from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and other Russian cities, as well as from Austria, Spain, Germany, the UK, and Italy. To take part in the event, they had to undergo a rigorous competition, which included tests and business problem solving.

Technodinamika Holding has been carrying out work aimed at rejuvenating its staff for several years now. As a result, the number of the Holding's specialists aged 18–25 increased from 14% in 2011 to 19% in 2015.