17 March 2016

Technodinamika announced it has got a contract to supply nine new auxiliary power units for the IAF's Ilyushin-76 (IL-76) fleet.

An official statement said Technodinamika will supply nine units for the IL-76 aircraft and its modifications owned by the Indian Air Force.

Auxiliary power units are gas turbine engines used primarily during aircraft ground operation to provide electricity, compressed air, and/or shaft power for main engine start, air conditioning, electric power and other aircraft systems. They can also provide backup electric power during in-flight operation.

Currently the IAF uses 28 aircraft of this type. The IL-76 is a medium-range military transport aircraft in service with the IAF.

The company had earlier won an IAF bid in June 2015 to overhaul 11 APUs for the IL-76 and its derivatives.

Technodinamika CEO Maxim Kuzyuk also said that the company is planning to open a service centre in India on the lines of the Make in India programme.

"In the very near future we are going to open a service centre in India. It will be arranged in compliance with the principles of the 'Make in India' program, under which aircraft repair and maintenance will be localised in India. In this case, the Indian Air Force will be assured guaranteed deadlines and a high quality of performed works," he said.