29 August 2016

Lokomotive’s Small Sports Arena hosted the first Technodinamica’s Futsal Cup on August 27. Teams of Aviaagregat (Samara), Gidravlika (Ufa), NII Parachutostroeniya (Moscow), MPO-Rumyantsev (Moscow), Start Research and Development Enterprise (Ekaterinburg), UAPO (Ufa), Technodinamika (Moscow), and Respirator Research and Development Enterprise (Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Moscow region) entered the competition.

The event’s group stage and playoff kept the contenders playing restlessly in a series of games that resulted in an inarguable victory of MPO-Rumyantsev. The company won the title of the Holding’s Champion in the Gold Playoff. Having lost on penalties, Start became second. The third place belongs to Gidravlika.

Technodinamika became the Silver Playoff Champion, followed by Respirator. Aviaagregat won the honorable third place. All victors and winners were awarded certificates, cups, and medals.
There were also winners in individual categories. Distinguished were MPO-Rumyantsev’ players. Sergey Zaytsev became the best player and Alexander Kakhanov was marked for outstanding performance in defense. The Best Goalkeeper Title went to Start’s Michael Ovchinnikov, who celebrated his 30th anniversary that day. Technodinamika’s Vladimir Lakshin became the best forward of the tournament. There even was a special category for fans and supporters. The best there became Julia Guseva of Start.

In his closing remarks, Technodinamika’s CEO Maxim Kuzyuk thanked all participants for fair play and added that despite the competition all facilities had performed as a single team on the pitch. “I have always liked team sports, football in particular, because it fosters two things. First is competitiveness. We live in a competitive world, thus have to be fighters and fight to bitter. Second is team spirit. Neither of us would achieve what we can do together. That is why I am happy to see so many teams together. The enthusiasm that I have seen today inspired me also to move ahead toward new victories,” said the Holding company’s head.