03 April 2015

Respirator Research and Development Enterprise of Technodinamika Holding company, a part of Rostec State Corporation, has expanded its equipment stock with two six-axis turning centers.

According to company representatives, this compact equipment will save production space. In addition, the machine tools allow for simultaneous processing by two spindles. The latest control system reduces downtime by 27% and processing time by 13% compared to previously purchased equipment.

"Expanding the stock of modern equipment improves process capabilities and reduces the costs of component manufacturing," said Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of Technodinamika. "With the deployment of new technology and the implementation of a technical re-equipment program, the share of innovative products in revenue will increase almost eight-fold by 2020."

The company is sure that its employees, who are familiar with this type of equipment, will have no difficulty in mastering the new functionality and ensure, in the shortest possible time, that the new equipment is used to its full capacity.

Total investment in the development of manufacturing facilities at Technodinamika enterprises will reach 28 billion rubles in the period to 2020. These funds will be used to renew the equipment stock, establish technology competency centers, organize production centers, automate processes by deploying an ERP system and implementing the international quality management system AS 9100. All this should increase labor productivity 2-3 fold and reduce overhead costs by half.

Respirator Research and Development Enterprise was established in 1932. Today, it is part of Technodinamika Holding. The company's share in the market sector exceeds 50%. Respirator Research and Development Enterprise's core business is the supply of military and civil aviation equipment.
Technodinamika Holding offers design, engineering, manufacturing, and after-sales services of aircraft systems and components. The Holding also produces parts and components for the oil and gas, automotive, transport, and power generation industries. Technodinamika comprises 36 enterprises located all over Russia: in Moscow, Moscow Region, Ufa, Samara, Ekaterinburg, Arkhangelsk Region, and other Russian regions. The Holding is part of Rostec State Corporation.
Rostec State Corporation is a Russian corporation established in 2007 to assist industries in the development, production, and export of high-technology military and civil products and services. The corporation comprises more than 700 organizations that are currently part of 9 holding companies operating in the military-industrial complex and 5 companies operating in civilian sectors, along with 22 direct management organizations. Rostec's portfolio includes many well-known brands such as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA, etc. Rostec has subsidiaries in 60 regions of the Russian Federation that export their products to over 70 countries worldwide. Rostec's revenue in 2013 amounted to RUB 1.04 trillion. The corporation payed a total of RUB 138 billion in taxes.