05 October 2015

Drawing is a metal working method where a metal strip of the same cross-section is inserted in the drawing tool channel and is drawn through it. To reduce external friction, a lubricant is inserted between the surfaces of the drawn metal and drawing channel. This reduces the energy consumption for drawing and facilitates a smooth surface of the drawn metal. It also greatly reduces the wear of the channel and enables the process to be carried out with higher deformation degrees.

From the technological and practical standpoint, the Technodinamika inventions serve to increase the productivity of the existing metal drawing technologies by 20 times, triple the quality of section bars finishing at metallurgic and machine-building works, and improve the strength of the respective tools 5-fold. This is attained, in particular, by the joint use of a new tool material: partly stabilized zirconium dioxide developed by RAS and metal plaque lubricants developed by the Respirator Research and Development Enterprise. The mixture of zirconium dioxide and lubricant is also an invention and will be registered separately as an additive. At present, experimental work is underway at the enterprise to determine the lubricant to zirconium dioxide ratio.
"The Holding continuously works on enhancing efficiency and productivity," stated Maxim Kuzyuk, the CEO of Technodinamika. "At the same time, we do our best not only to improve the existing technologies, but also to change the labor management processes, which also has a substantial effect on increasing product quality and productivity."