16 August 2015

MPO-Rumyantsev, a part of Technodinamika Holding , has successfully passed the supervisory audit of its Quality Management System (QMS) for compliance with ISO 9001 and AS/EN 9100 in the area of aircraft equipment design, manufacture and testing. This allows the enterprise to expand its production capabilities and deliveries to Russian and foreign companies.
The Moscow-based MPO-Rumyantsev enterprise of Technodinamika Holding of Rostec State Corporation has successfully passed a supervisory audit for compliance with ISO 9001 and AS/EN 9100.
"Obtaining this certificate will allow us to improve competitiveness and customer satisfaction throughout the entire life cycle of our products," said Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of Technodinamika Holding company. "In addition, this demonstrates to our partners and customers that the company uses international standards in its daily activities. We will continuously improve processes and develop our Quality Management System."
The international certificate acknowledges that the quality management system in the organization operates in accordance with the aircraft industry standard, which reduces risks and ensures continuous improvement in the performance and efficiency of the organization's key processes.
Successful completion of the audit allows the enterprise to be included in the international list of companies that can produce, repair and maintain products for the aerospace industry, to be a potential supplier for any company in Europe, America and Asia working in the area of manufacturing aircraft and space equipment. It expands the sales horizons for the Holding company's products.
The parent company of the Holding company is currently in the process of passing certification of its Quality Management System under AS/EN 9100 standards. It is expected that the umbrella certificate will be obtained before the end of 2015.