11 March 2015

“For companies competing in the global market, the brand is a key asset, the value of which can amount up to 30% of total business. The new brand, “Technodinamika” is intended to become the most important factor to increase capitalization of the company. Philosophy and brand visualization will be important communication tools for the company to attract long-term investments, qualified human resources, new partners and customers”, said Sergey Chemezov, Head of Rostec State Corporation.

“The new brand is a reflection of the company’s changed values. It is important for us to make a statement to the world that we are ready to offer high quality products, that we are ready to compete with the leading world manufacturers. Rebranding formulates and allows you to convey this message not only to our employees, but also to our partners, our competitors, as well as to the people who are willing to become a part of our team”, says Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of the Holding. “We are a modern company with a modern approach to work and able to offer system innovative solutions for the aviation market”.

The new name for the holding, “Technodinamika”, is based on Greek roots, which makes it clear both in Russia and abroad without translation. It does not limit the company in manufacturing aircraft equipment only, but meets its demands to promote the full range of products of its enterprises.

The new logo of “Technodinamika” gives a clear association with the aviation industry. The word mark visually reminds fuselage, and the sign consisting of three elongated strips beneath the slope reminds the tail of a winged aircraft. The dynamic and ascending sign also symbolizes the emergence and development of an idea to translate it into reality.

The company's slogan is “Setting new standards” (“Standard of vanguard”) confirms the course held for the development and advancing, as well as readiness to create know-how and establish innovation standards for the industry.

The color metaphor of the updated logo is unique; it is Aurora Borealis, which symbolizes the company's bold view outside the realm of possibility in search of cutting-edge solutions. The color combination is atypical in the profile market and is an important visual hitch to attract attention. Emphasis is made on copper and purple color. Copper is a metaphor for non-ferrous metals, energy and industry. Purple is the last color in the visible spectrum, the color of something rushing and extraordinary.

The rebranding project implemented by the Apostle Strategic Communications Center in cooperation with the international creative team of INTO Branding Agency designers, which has participated in the implementation of branding projects for global companies, including Sony Ericsson and Qatar Airways.