09 February 2016

Technodinamika Holding of Rostec State Corporation is launching a new web portal. In line with its Standard of Vanguard principle, Technodinamika has implemented, the most advanced solutions in today's web development. Starting from February 5, 2016, every visitor to will see the original design and updated visual and text content and benefit from better functionality including interactive and dynamic elements.

The new website launched by Technodinamika reflects the very essence of rebranding: innovative solutions, responsibility, high technology, and transparency. For example, the homepage follows a modern presentation approach and captures the user's attention by offering a detailed description of the Holding's operations. Interior pages contain a wealth of information on products, markets, services, and technology. Links to related materials on each page, including video presentations, interviews, and photos, create media space which gives users a complete picture of the Technodinamika's products and operations.

The website uses Adaptive Web Design technology to allow easy access from a wide variety of devices, including mobile devices and tablets. Smart adaptive multilevel navigation enables users to find what they are looking for at any time with a minimum number of clicks.

"The launch of our new web portal is another step to develop a strong Technodinamika brand, which reflects our values and philosophy," said CEO Maxim Kuzyuk. "We have focused on the user interface and employed state-of-the-art technology to present the information that visitors are looking for in the most effective way."

The website features unique visual content, including product images and 3D models, infographics, stories from the shop floor and media events, videos, and reviews.

The website is based on an upgradable platform to allow for extended functionality. Moreover, in the short term Technodinamika is planning to launch an extended customer service version, with personal accounts where customers will be able to track their orders. The platform also makes it possible to change the design to keep it up to date over the years.

Technodinamika carefully builds up its communications with all target audiences, and online presence is an essential element in this system. Technodinamika is committed to improving online communications with external and internal audiences. The company has had accounts in all social media for two years, and they are updated on a regular basis. In addition, an internal corporate portal will be launched together with the website. The portal will become a key element in communicating with and receiving feedback from the employees.