06 April 2016

Representatives from Technodinamika, a Rostec State Corporation’s holding company, attended the forum “Innovations. Technologies. Manufacturing” taking place in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region, on April 4-6, 2016. The holding specialists spoke at a round-table discussion on the problems with an electric powered aircraft and the development of a gas turbine engine for such an aircraft.

“Today, new requirements are placed on airplanes, they must comply with a new technical standard and the transition first to the “more-electric aircraft” concept and then to an all-electric aircraft becomes the key focus area here,” said Vladimir Shirmanov, director of the power plant department at Technodinamika’s Design Center. “Furthermore, the electrical aircraft power systems architecture and the no-bleed architecture can provide more efficient energy usage.”

A Technodinamika’s representative also said that the main advantage of the “electric” aircraft architecture is broader energy management opportunities, because the operation of a power generator is governed in strict accordance with the system requirements thus minimizing losses. In comparison with a traditional configuration, the fuel saving can be as high as 4% while a reduction in operating costs can reach 18%.

Even now Technodinamika has started manufacturing aircraft engine accessories suited to the “electric” aircraft concept. Particularly, the PD-14 engine for the future MS-21 airliner will be fitted with electric reverser actuators. Switching to electric actuators instead of the previously used hydraulic systems reduces weight of the system, improves its performance and maintainability. In addition, the holding company is developing electric actuators for fuel systems, new power generation systems, electrical wing-flap systems, and electrical units for landing gears. At MAKS-2015, the holding also demonstrated an aircraft taxiing system with an electric landing gear wheel actuator which allows the aircraft to move around the airport without starting its main engines.

“Work on systems for an “electric” aircraft is now underway around the world,” said Technodinamika CEO Maxim Kuzyuk. “And the Russian aviation industry now has the opportunity to succeed in this area, which will significantly increase the competitiveness of Russian products on the global market.”