28 August 2013

According to the contract, Aviation Equipment will supply UAC-TA more than 39 sets of on-board equipment and components worth more than five billion roubles. The holding will supply 160 integrated sets of aircraft systems and components for the Ilyushin-76MD-90A, including a landing gear unit and high-lift actuation systems which were designed for this aircraft by the holding's subsidiaries, Aviaagregat and Elektroprivod.

"This long-term contract will allow us to ensure stable workload, as well as bringing down production costs and customer prices. The contract will strengthen our reputation as one of the leading aircraft equipment manufacturers in Russia and abroad," said CEO Maxim Kuzyuk. "Aviation Equipment has unique competencies and capabilities which allow us to not only upgrade individual aircraft systems but also to act as a systems integrator for all existing multi-purpose and military airlifters."

In October 2012, the Russian Ministry of Defence and UAC-TA signed a long-term supply contract for 39 Russian-made Ilyusin-76MD-90A military airlifters. This aircraft, designed by the Ilyushin Aviation Complex, is a revived and upgraded version of the widely acclaimed Ilyushin-76,

which had previously been manufactured in Uzbekistan. It is currently made in Ulyanovsk, at the Aviastar-SP aviation plant.

"This contract is a milestone in our cooperation with suppliers for the delivery of 39 Ilyushin-76MD-90A aircraft," said the CEO of UAC-Transport Aircraft, Sergey Velmozhkin, following the signing. "Aviation Equipment is one of the few suppliers capable of developing state-of-the-art modifications of existing aircraft systems while keeping the prices low."

The aircraft saw an upgrade of 70% of its systems, including a new navigation system, a digital control system, a high-lift actuation system, and a glass cockpit with LCD instrument displays. It is also equipped with cutting-edge PS-90A-76 engines, modified wings and reinforced landing gear beams.

Structural modifications of the aircraft, including new landing gear designed by Aviaagregat, increased the payload of the Ilyushin-76MD-90A to 60 tonnes and its maximum take-off weight to 210 tonnes. The high-lift actuation system, developed by Elektroprivod for the SUPM-76 aircraft, allowed the reduction of its weight and dimensions while improving reliability and functionality of the high-lift system.  These improvements were developed according to the most advanced design standards using computer-assisted design and engineering software.

Aviation Equipment specializes in the development, production and after-sales support of aircraft systems and components.  The holding also manufactures parts and components for various industries, such as automotive, transport, power and oil and gas.  Aviation Equipment owns 36 production facilities across Russia, including Moscow, Moscow Region, Ufa, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Omsk, Arkhangelsk Region and others. The holding is part of the Rostec State Corporation. Some of the holding's key partners include UAC Helicopters of Russia, United Engine-Building Corporation, Russian Railways, AvtoVAZ, Gazprom, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, S7 Airlines, UTair, and Rossiya Russian Airlines.

Rostekhnologii State Corporation (Rostec) is a Russian corporation established in 2007 to promote the development, production and export of hi-tech industrial products for the civil and defence sectors.  It brings together 663 entities consolidated into 13 holding companies, with eight companies operating in the defence industry and five in the civil sector. Rostec-owned companies are located in 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and supply products to over 70 countries worldwide. In 2012, Rostec's revenue amounted to 931 billion roubles with a net profit of 38.5 billion roubles. The company paid more than 109 billion roubles in tax.

UAC-Transport Aircraft is a subsidiary of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), tasked with the implementation of the UAC's strategy for the development of ramp-delivered cargo transport aircraft. It's operations in Russia include full-cycle production of the entire range of ramp-delivered cargo transport aircraft, as well as the supply and after-sales support of aeronautical equipment.

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) was created by a Presidential Decree on February 20, 2006. The company's chartered capital currently amounts to 188.9 billion roubles. The Russian Federation's share in UAC’s capital is 84.33%. UAC consolidates the following companies: Sukhoi, Irkut, UAC-TA, Ilyushin, Nizhny Novgorod Sokol Plant, Tupolev, Ilyushin Finance Co., Finance Leasing Company, Aviastar-SP, Vaso, RSK MiG, KAPO Gorbunov, Myasishchev Experimental Design Bureau, and Gromov Flight Research Institute. The company's CEO is Mikhail Pogosyan, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Ilyushin Aviation Complex (Ilyushin) is one the leading aircraft manufacturers in Russia. The company was established in 1933. UAC-owned Ilyushin engages in the development, upgrading, testing and production of aircraft prototypes, as well as maintaining the airworthiness of earlier models of Ilyushin aircraft. The company specializes in designing transport and combat support aircraft.