02 June 2014

‘The holding signed a long-term contract with six UEC’s facilities for the delivery of state-of-the-art engine components for civil and military aircraft,’ said Maxim Kuzyuk, the CEO of Aviation Equipment. ‘The components are developed and made by the holding’s Ufa-based UAPO and Gidravlika.’

Under the new contracts, Aviation Equipment will supply UEC with filters, flexible metal conduits, ignition exciters, contact devices and spark plugs.

The components will be used in the engine assembly of the SU-27, a fourth generation highly-manoeuvrable all-weather fighter and its modifications (SU-30, SU-33, SU-34), the SU-35S fifth-generation fighter, the MiG-29 multifunctional fourth-generation fighter, the KA-51 ‘Aligator’ and Mi-28 attack helicopters, as well as the Mi-17 hospital aircraft.

In addition, Aviation Equipment facilities will deliver AG-0.25D-2/1 isolated generator for engines of passenger aircraft: Ilyushin-96 (Ilyushin-96-300, Ilyushin-96-400), Tupolev-204 (Tupolev-204-100, Tupolev-204-300, Tupolev-214) and Ilyushin-76 (Ilyushin-76MD-90, Ilyushin-76TD-90, A-50EI, Ilyushin-76MF).