17 November 2015

Aviaagregat, an enterprise based in Samara and affiliated with the Technodinamika Holding, will purchase three new milling machining centers for the production of titanium-alloy parts for landing gear. The enterprise will also purchase two new vacuum furnaces for heat treatment. The total cost of the equipment will amount to about RUB 385 mln.

"The equipment is intended to increase the enterprise’s capacity in producing the IL-76MD-90A alighting gear," notes Pavel Mayorov, the CEO of Aviaagregat. "The enterprise is steadily building up its production capacities and plans to produce 18 landing gear sets for IL-76MD-90A starting in 2017." The plant plans to purchase three more machining centers in 2016, he adds.

Representatives of the Technodinamika enterprise noted that personnel would be trained to operate the new equipment at an engineering center that was established jointly with the Samara State Technical University.

At present, existing equipment is being upgraded and new equipment is being purchased by the Technodinamika enterprise to ensure increased production. The projected volume of investments by 2020 amounts to RUB 4.4 bln.

"Upgrading and procuring new equipment will not only enable the enterprise to increase its production capacities, but will also cut the production costs, expand the product range, and boost labor productivity," noted Maxim Kuzyuk, the CEO of Technodinamika.

One promising project underway at Aviaagregat is the launch of production of landing gear and hydraulics for IL-112V light military transport aircraft and production of prototype landing gear sets for Yak-152 aircraft.