21 October 2015

The newly developed product will enable remote control of gas flows, as well as automatic warnings in case of unauthorized tapping from the network.

The RGDU-R differs from the existing regulators in that the unit can be remotely operated via mobile, modem, radio modem, and satellite communication, as well as via the Internet. The RGDU-R enables a new level of automation of the entire process of gas supply to consumers through the implementation of the unmanned operation concept ensuring remotely operated management of the gas distribution plant without involving the field staff.

The newly developed product features the offtake limitation function, which automatically warns the GDP operator and the Central Dispatcher Board in case of an unauthorized tapping attempt from the network, thus making it possible to discipline the consumer.

"The gas transportation industry is faced with the task of changing the management concept for gas distribution plants. This is why we took it upon ourselves to develop the remotely operated regulator, which, in our opinion, should help the industry resolve the issue," states Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of Technodinamika. "Our newly developed product received a favorable review from the customer, becoming the first operational unit at the gas distribution plant that enables implementation of the unmanned operation concept at the objects," adds Leonid Khalfun, CEO of JSC Machine-Building Corporation "MPO-Rumyantsev".

The regulator is intended for use at an ambient temperature of minus 50 °С – plus 60 °С and gas working pressure of up to 8 MPa. The product has passed the acceptance test at the PJSC “GAZPROM” Orgenergogaz testing ground in Saratov. The unit operated for the duration of the entire guaranteed lifetime (8,000 hours), without complaints on the part of the operating organization. The new regulators have already been put into commercial service. The design-engineering department of the enterprise is completing work to expand the line of regulators.