29 March 2016

Technodinamika’s Ufa Casting Technology Competence Center has completed Phase 1 of the retooling and upgrading program. The magnesium casting process was the latest technology mastered here. At present, the Center fully satisfies the holding’s needs for castings while the volume of orders exceeds 70 million rubles. The Center will begin providing its services for external customers as soon as 2017.

The Ufa Casting Technology Competence Center, established by the Technodinamika Holding Company (part of the State Corporation Rostec), has completed Phase 1 of the retooling and upgrading program. Now it has all the necessary casting competences, including magnesium casting. Magnesium casting is one of the most complex processes requiring the chamber, where casting takes place, to be filled with an inert gas. The casting machine produces castings from magnesium alloys weighing up to 35 kg using a flux-free melting process. Previously, the holding has not possessed such a technology.

Today, the Center has at its disposal casting technologies using cold-setting sands and low- and high-pressure casters. A variety of alloys (magnesium, aluminum, steel, and brass alloys) are used in the process of manufacturing.

UAPO’s planned volume of orders for 2016 exceeds 167 tons of castings. In the future it is planned to increase production to 244 tons a year. The main customers for the products made using the new technology are Aviaagregat, Mayak, Respirator, MMZ Znamya and UAP Gidravlika. Now the foundry is fulfilling an Aviaagregat’s order worth more than 40 million rubles. The volume of new orders within the holding company in 2016 will be approximately RUB 70 million while the Center’s expected profit will be 15 million rubles. At the same time, investments in the first phase of retooling amounted to less than 30 million rubles, which is far less compared with the similar projects.

“Mastering the planned casting technology competences will soon enable UAPO to offer these services to external markets,” said Technodinamika CEO Maxim Kuzyuk. “This holds promise for profit growth and development of new competencies at the plant.”

According to Aviaagregat, the delivery of precision castings from UAPO has helped reduce the casting weight by 20% and shorten machining time.

Technodinamika has launched the pilot project for establishing the Casting Technology Competence Center at the premises of the Ufa Aggregate Production Association (UAPO) in 2014 to provide the holding’s enterprises with casting blanks. The main objective of the project is to reduce costs and shorten lead times. To this end, the holding is consolidating its foundry operations at a single site, which will help reduce the cost of castings for batch production by 15% and provide a significant saving in investments in foundry facilities.