Rough machining

The enterprises of the Technodinamika Holding carry out a full cycle of machining from roughing to superfinishing.

The basis of quality of the finished product is a laborious work of the master and design excellence, which is achieved by precise machining of every component. A precise knowledge of technological methods of processing allows creation of a better design of devices, while ensuring the economic feasibility of their manufacturing and reliability.

Rough machining is the first acquaintance with a newly molded preform. There are several treatment methods, which depend on the desired method of forming the surface:

Turning is production of the surface of blank parts having the form of rotation bodies. Turning is characterized by rotational movement of the blank part and the tool reciprocating cutter. Roughing, semi-finishing and finishing machining of surfaces of workpieces, are performed on lathes and cut into various kinds of external and internal threads.

This is a method of machining the internal cylindrical surfaces of the blank part in a solid material with a drill. Drilling machines also treat bores with various tools available in the preforms (molded, stamped, etc.) to obtain the desired hole shape, size increase, increase accuracy and reduce surface roughness.

Boring is a method of processing holes by boring cutters. Boring machines often make holes in body parts. The main movement is rotation of the tool. The feed motion can be made by the blank part or tool.

High-performance method for machining surfaces of parts of the multiblade tool – cutters. For milling, the main is characteristic of continuous movement of the tool and the forward movement of the blank part. In some cases, the blank part performs a circular or spiral motion of the flow.

Grinding is finishing and finishing machining of parts with high accuracy. The processing can be from a variety of materials and for blanks grinding of hardened steel is one of the most common machining methods.

With the necessary amount of metal-cutting equipment and qualified personnel, our company fulfills all the above mentioned operations in the manufacture of parts and components.