Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of modern aircraft is designed to feed hydraulic fluid:

• actuations of the aircraft control system;
• actuations of undercarriage activation;
• steering devices of nosewheels;
• wheel braking system;
• wiper arm control;
• control mechanisms of aircraft access doors and half-doors.

For the hydraulic system, Technodinamika develops:

• filters;
• taps and valves;
• plunger pumps;
• compressors;
• pipelines;

Technodinamika develops and manufactures a wide range of micron filters with washable and single-use filtering elements equipped with visual indicators of control or electrical contamination detectors of filtering elements. The filters are used for cleaning of working environments of hydraulic, oil, fuel and air systems of the aircraft.

For hydraulic systems of aircrafts, Technodinamika developed and manufactures filters with filtering elements with a high contaminant capability and for hydraulic systems of helicopters - filters with washable filtering elements with 5 micron filtration.

The latest development of the holding company is a filtering element with volumetric filtering of the main fuel filter for the main engines of aircraft with 10 micron filtration. Filters manufactured by the holding increase service life and reduce maintenance costs of systems.

One of the most important areas of expertise by Technodinamika holding is development and production of a wide product range of flexible metal and fluoroplastic piping including fluoroplastic dump chutes with load-bearing frame and handling fixture made of titanium alloys. The use of titanium alloy for the manufacture of overbraiding and handling fixture of metal fluoroplastic dump chutes allows advantages in weight reduction by up to 30% and improves corrosion resistance of the dump chutes.

Another development of the holding is fireproof fluoroplastic dump chutes installed in fire hazardous areas and intended for the flexible connection of pipes and units of hydraulic, air, fuel and oil systems of aircraft and ground support equipment. The fireproof coating provides 5-minute performance capabilities of dump chutes during direct flame exposure (+1100 ±50)˚С.