Fuel system

Technodinamika provides complete design of aircraft fuel system:

– designing of principal diagrams;
– selection of components;
– hydraulic and thermal calculations;
– designing mechanical and electrical interfaces;
– control and visualization algorithms;
– test programs;
– bench, ground and flight testing.

Technodinamika developed a breakthrough inert gas system for all types of aircraft, which fully conforms with international standards and safety requirements.

The inert gas system is designed to prevent fuel vapour flammability of aircraft by filling tanks with inert gas.

The system with fiber membrane module allows to reduce the weight by up to 2-3 times in comparison with traditional systems. It also requires less maintenance.

Oxygen content in the air mixture is less than 10% that conforms with European and US requirements.
The inert gas system with an air separation module does not require pre-flight maintenance. It can be installed on different types of aircraft. The system does not divert the crew’s attention during the flight because of the system full automation. 

Installation of the inert gas system developed by Technodinamika guarantees aircraft compliance with the world safety standards.

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In November 2015, the Technodinamika Holding completed performance tests of the modern crash-resistant fuel system for helicopters. 

The crash-resistant fuel system is intended to minimize the risk of fire outbreak of fuel after impact or during an emergency landing of the helicopter. The system fully complies with the requirements of AP-29. The system includes accident-proof fluoroplastic dump chutes and titanium fittings.

Innovative materials in fuel tanks keep the pressure seal during impact and are resistant to puncture, while fluoroplastic dump chutes and titanium fittings withstand high temperature and pressure.