Fire Protection System

Technodinamika has broad competences in the development and manufacture of the safety related system and crew and passengers of the aircraft life support. One of the newest developments in this direction - fire protection system, created with the support of the consulting company Curtiss-Wright Controls (USA). 

- The system has a single control unit and through the use of linear sensors and a double check of the signal has a high reliability excluding false alarms. 

- Today, the FPS is superior upon its indications available on the Russian market counterparts. 

- Due to the use of composite materials and design optimization system mass is reduced by 15%. 

- The system created by Technodinamika has increased reliability and service life, low operating costs and a high degree of unification. The rated life of the system up to write-off is 80 thousand flight hours or 60 thousand flights / service life - 30 years. 

- The design and the algorithm of the system operation provide protection against false alarms - and this is done at the level of sensors and at the level of the processor. Also there are available options of an additional detection of overheating in the niches of the chassis and the leakage of hot air in the wing panel. 

- The design of the system and the availability of the line units with different settings make it easy to adapt the FPS for aircraft of all sizes and purposes, in addition, due to the comprehensiveness and depth of the built-in controls can be reduced operating costs 

The system is fully localized all the units manufactured in Russia on the grounds of Technodinamika. 

The basic elements of fire protection system are: 

- Fire protection block 

- MCS fire extinguisher 

- APU fire extinguisher 

- Fire extinguisher 

- GEB of fast discharge 

- Fire extinguisher of GEB of slow discharge 

- Measuring device of propulsive nozzle 

- Fire-heat detectors 

- Smoke detector (GEB) 

- Smoke detector (WC) 

- Fire extinguisher of dust-collecting 

- Hand fire extinguishers 

- Pipelines supplying of fire extinguishant 

The system meets АР МАК, EASA and FAA.