Electric power systems

For more than 70 years Technodinamika has been developing and producing high-load generation, control and power distribution systems.

Technodinamika currently develops a range of new high-speed electromagnetic excitation generators and permanent-magnet generators for the new generation aircraft to radically change electric power system.

Generators are designed to supply AC and DC power. The output of AC generation systems developed by the company is in the range from 0.35 to 120 kVA.

Variable frequency generators operating from 10,800 to 24,000 rpm have efficient mass-to-weight characteristics. The innovative generation control and protection unit developed by Technodinamika makes it possible to implement complex control algorithms and provide optimal system responsiveness.
All new products have a high level of unification of components, allowing for easier development of new generation systems required by customer specifications.

We develop DC power generation systems with power from 9.0 kW and rotating frequency in the generation mode from 6,500 to 1,200 rpm with time between overhauls of up to 4,000 h.

Brushless DC starter-generators developed by Technodinamika have twice as high service lifetime as one brush motors. They also provide triple power output in the generation mode and have less weight.