Auxiliary Power units

Development, manufacturing and in-service support of auxiliary power units is one of Technodinamika’s core competences.

Since 1965 APUs have been produced at the manufacturing facilities of Technodinamika.

Five APU models and 18 modifications of these small-size gas-turbine engines have been launched into production and installed on more than 20 types of Russian airplanes and helicopters.
Technodinamika is currently developing two new types of APUs. All new generation APUs are unified in design and production process. Adjustment to various operation cycles is implemented by a new FADEC type Engine Control Unit and a flexible system to adjust aerodynamic parameters.

FADEC type control units developed by Technodinamika provide control, testing and diagnostic functions. They are designed to withstand the highest level of vibration. Their overall weight is reduced through integration of automatic control unit components with engine assemblies.

The APUs under development will incorporate advanced technologies: ”dry” bearings in engine assemblies, high-speed permanent magnet synchronous alternator, digitally controlled actuators of fuel and oil systems.
In addition, Technodinamika is the only Russian designer and manufacturer of ignition systems for all types of gas-turbine engines.

Modular approach simplifies modification of accessories according to customer needs.