Distributed R&D center

The unique Distributed Research and Design Center was opened in June 2014. It is the first Russian design center that centrally manage projects and other activities of its regional branches. Unified development standards and software, single PDM database and modern collaboration tools, parallel engineering in the remote access mode allow for higher productivity, lower number of reworks and faster development cycles.

At the moment, the Russian aviation industry experiences high demand for competitive products created in accordance with international standards. At the same time, the Russian market has a small number of suppliers who are capable to design aviation systems that can be certified in the EU or other international markets. In our Design Center projects are simultaneously worked on by multidisciplinary teams, including talented engineers from the regional branches. In 2015 the Design Center was certified to the AS/EN 9100 quality management standard for the aerospace industry.

Establishment of the Distributed Research and Design Center  allowed us to achieve two main objectives: to faster develop the competences of the aviation systems integrator and improve the designers’ productivity. Due to the unified methodology of systems engineering, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and centralized management, new products are developed more quickly, which reduces the cost of research and development operations for the customer.

Currently the Design Center includes branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Ufa, Kirov, which employ about 500 engineers.

Today the Center is already developing more than 200 new projects related to aviation, energy, transport systems, etc. The R&D Center has departments in the following areas: electrical power supply systems, landing gear, hydraulic and fuel systems, safety and life-sustaining systems, auxiliary power units and small-size GTE, actuation systems, and non-standard equipment.

Technodinamika continuously invest in training of its engineers. In Addition to on job trainings covering software, processes and other special engineering topics,  Holding provide a unique opportunity to the most talented engineers to participate in 2-year program in the field of systems engineering at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology on the master's program established with the participation of the Holding. On completion of this program, the specialists will be able to put their skills into practice not only as design engineers, but also as the leaders of the most complex projects of the development in aviation systems.