Fuel and energy complex

With the competence in the production of highly reliable equipment for aircraft, the holding's enterprises offer a wide variety of solutions for the fuel and energy complex: generators for wind turbines and stand-alone installations , system run turbines and generators, and ignition devices of explosion-proof performances of the ignition control system.

Among the completed projects of the Technodinamika Holding are microturbine power plants MTG-100/125, MTG-250, MTG-10. The features of these units are the presence of only one rotating part - the rotor (increases service life of the installation), the starter-generator with permanent magnet excitation at the possibility of using different fuels, and meets high environmental standards.

There are developed and produced fire-proof ignition devices operating in the areas of class B-1A providing the level of explosion protection. The devices consist of a converter, high-voltage cables, spark plugs and explosion-proof housing. The devices are used in the composition of gas turbines, gas turbine power plant, turbo generator, including within the Sakhalin-2 offshore project. Ignition devices are designed for the operating conditions ranging from minus 20 to plus 80 degrees Celsius, the power - from a DC voltage of 18 to 30 volts, has two independent channels with stored energy of each channel up to 6 Joules. It is planned to transition to the use of explosion-proof ignition devices used on all ground-based gas turbine power plant.

About 5 years of continued work on the creation of start-starter turbine AL-31ST gas-turbine pumping units and it is now completed. As a result, it is developed a system SEZ-130 as part of the starter ST-130, which includes a synchronous permanent magnet motor with the overrunning clutch and the frequency converter ERATON-M4-150, providing synchronous motor control to the vector field. Currently, delivery of this system is carried out in the framework of the Nord Stream project.

By order of Salyut aviamotor factory asynchronous motors have been developed at Technodinamika Holding for operation in the high electric capacity of 300 kW for the refrigeration unit that currently operates at TPP-28.

Technodinamika Holding is also developing a cathodic protection station on the basis of an Agidel-3000 pulse converter. The development of the holding allows to prevent the corrosion of underground metal structures and pipelines. Furthermore, it is embedded in the controller remote control, which allows to obtain information remotely on the state of the station and the parameters of cathodic protection using the GSM/GPRS-channel, and to optimize power consumption. On the basis of the stations, it is possible to create a comprehensive system of state control telemetry electrochemical protection of pipelines. Implementation of corrosion protection at the Technodinamika station allows reduction of the number of support personnel and reduces the electricity consumption of cathodic protection stations.

In addition, the company has developed a flow regulator and pressure gas with remote control, RGDU-R, designed for use in the system of reducing distribution stations. A distinctive feature of the RGDU-R compared to existing regulators is that the unit can be remotely controlled by mobile, modem, radio modem and satellite communications, as well as through an Internet portal. Application of RGDU-R allows attaining a new level of automation of the entire process of gas supply to the consumer, as well as introducing the concept of unmanned technology, providing control of the gas distribution station remotely without the involvement of staff in the field. Due to the presence of the restriction feature gas extraction developed controller automatically signals the operator of gas-distributing plant and the central control point about trying unauthorized siphoning of gas from the network, thus allowing disciplining the consumer.