Oxygen equipment

The system provides ultimate level of independence and self-supervisory, dramatically increasing safety of crew and passengers.

Oxygen supply system is designated for use in routine operation mode – to supply pilots in flight with oxygen, as well as for life support of crew and passengers in case of cabin decompression or smoke
The system incorporates.

Crew member oxygen equipment unit with full-face mask and unit open mode electronic control
Passengers emergency oxygen units with built-in microchip which controls units and performs fully autonomous check of its operability while exchanging data using digital communication line
Electronic control unit enables oxygen system autonomous operation, controls its operability and communicates with aircraft’s avionics.

Oxygen cylinder with thermo-compensated control of oxygen reserve and multifunctional shut off / pressure reducing unit; exchanges data using digital communication line.
Oxygen supply remote control device; can be operated in manual and electro-discrete mode with two steady positions.

Portable oxygen supply equipment; can be used for supply of oxygen to passengers with decreased cenesthesia, as well as to crew members moving in aircraft in emergency.

This oxygen supply system meets highest demands of reliability and safety, provides sufficient reserve of oxygen for routine activities and in emergency, speed of response, ease and convenience of use.