Parachute systems

Technodinamika has unique experience of parachute system development, making our company one of the global leaders in this area.

Technodinamika develops and manufactures all types of parachute systems: personnel and training parachute systems, cargo aerial delivery systems and near and deep space applications. Technodinamika carries out a full cycle of parachute system development: research, production, testing, modification, etc.

Man-carrying parachute systems developed by Techodinamika are used for parachuting from fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, pilots rescue in emergency situations, to train parachute jumpers and rescue them in case of failure of a main parachute. The systems allow reliable operation at altitudes from 50 to 6,000 m and speeds from 140 to 600 km/h.

The cargo aerial delivery systems developed utilizing modules of the core parachute with an area of 350 sq.m. allow to drop heavy cargo with total weight of up to 20,000 kg at speeds up to 400 km/h and at altitudes from 300 to 4,000 m.

The parachute systems designed for soft landing of manned and unmanned space craft provide for high reliability within restrictions in size and maximum g-load factor during space vehicles landing with a crew. The systems operate in the altitude range from 1 to 50 km, in atmospheres of the Earth, Venus and Mars, at subsonic and supersonic speeds of an object.