Social policy

The holding strives to build relationships with employees based on mutual trust and mutual accountability, and orientation towards common goals.

The Technodinamika holding aims to create better working conditions and professional development for its employees in order to improve the quality of life of employees and their families, and to ensure social stability in the regions of presence.

Basic principles of social policy are governed by collective agreements and contracts made at the enterprises of the holding.

Key areas of social policy of the holding are as follows:

- the health care of employees and their families: programs of voluntary medical insurance at the expense of the employer, compensation of expenses on rest in sanatoriums and dispensaries, the provision of subsidized vouchers for children of employees, and support of sport;
- support for young professionals starting their careers at the enterprises of the holding: a program to improve living conditions and social benefits of various kinds, mentoring programs, and compensation of the cost of housing rent;
- tuition for promising and talented officers on programs of targeted employment in the best state universities;
- payment for participation in professional skills competitions.
Technodinamika support promoting hi-tech jobs among young people 
​Rostec’s Tekhnodinamika has become an official partner of the Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia Forum. The event takes place in Yaroslavl on October 26-29. The holding will be represented by V.Yu. Nikolenko, Director of Tekhnodinamika’s Distributed Design Center, candidate of technical sciences, head and designer with more than 18 years of experience in the aviation and energy industries   The Forum annually gathers gifted students from all 85 regions of the Russian Federation, among them - winners of international and All-Russia olympiads and competitions in the field of scientific and technical creativity, inventors and patent holders.   V.Yu. Nikolenko will take part in a panel discussion and present an interactive lecture-presentation, devoted to design activities, advanced technologies and interesting projects. In addition, the chief of the holding’s HR Department will conduct an intellectual quiz among gifted students.   “It is extremely important to support young talents in their endeavors,” said Sergei Gulkin, Deputy General Director of Tekhnodinamika on organizational development and staff. “At this stage, it is important that they do not get their wings clipped, it is important to motivate them to move forward, to engage in scientific, engineering activities, to help them build their own path of development. To solve this task, future employers should include gifted students in their area of interest as soon as possible,” he told.   “Tekhnodinamika pays great attention to the development of a system for training of professionals for the industry, as well as the problems of school education, retraining and advanced training in specialized schools and centers. The holding has been actively cooperating with leading Russian technical universities to conduct targeted training. For us, it is important to support those, who have already chosen their path, as well as promote hi-tech jobs among talented young people, working with an eye to the future,” told Maxim Kuzyuk.