Career in Technodinamika

We believe that young talent is the foundation of a bright future.
Our youth policy focuses on creating a productive environment and opportunities for the personal development of graduates, to help them realize their full potential for the benefit of the company.

We see our mission as the following:
• To attract and hire graduates to work at our facilities, as well as establishing an environment conducive to their professional growth;
• To promote participation of young employees in the achievement of corporate business goals;
• To improve the quality of life and social status of young employees;
• To foster initiative and an innovation-based approach;
• To promote a healthy lifestyle.

To achieve these goals the Holding organizes different events, such as:
• Round table discussions for young professionals;
• Science and technology conferences;
• Professional skill contests for young staff members and engineers;
• Corporate academic competitions.
Our Counsel of Young Professionals was set up to improve interaction between the Holding and young professionals working at the Holding’s facilities, integrating all young members of staff.

The Counsel strives to:
• Increase the involvement of young employees in the company’s research and production;
• Encourage, support and develop technical research, production and social initiatives;
• Support and develop artistic and technical creativity, facilitate participation in cultural and sporting events, as well as leisure activities;
• Share and exchange youth policy analysis with different organizations and youth associations;
• Participate in training of young employees.