I like to work for Aviaagregat, first of all, because of its large and friendly staff, which includes a lot of people able to lend a helping hand - and not only on professional matters. I am inspired by the fact that our plant is part of a major holding company. The opportunity for career growth and self-development provided here is good news. It’s great that Aviaagregat hosts a variety of cultural and sporting events in which it is very interesting to participate.


It was only a year ago that I was a graduate and was building plans for an interesting job in the aviation industry. Technodinamika gave me a unique opportunity for self-fulfillment in a most promising area. So, here I am, a young specialist working at the sales department for a year now. It is a great responsibility for me to be part of the Holding's strong team of professionals, uncovering new opportunities, and contributing to the company achieving common goals to further the development of Russian aviation. When choosing a job it was important for me that I could become a highly proficient expert, learn and develop in the company, reaching new frontiers. Technodinamika gives such an opportunity to all young specialists.


Why do I like to work here? For the opportunity to grow professionally! For the support of the older generation in solving complex problems! Because the plant has been continually giving us lessons that, by the way, may prove useful in everyday life! And, of course, for our friendly staff!


Aviation and Cosmonautics attracted me from childhood. That is why working for Technodinamika is another step towards your dreams without having a technical qualification in aircraft engineering. The company employs true professionals. Each employee has something to share. And excellent results at the end of the working day inspire new achievements.

Career in Technodinamika

We believe that young talent is the foundation of a bright future. Our youth policy focuses on creating a productive environment and opportunities for the personal development of graduates, to help them realize their full potential for the benefit of the company.

Youth Policy

The Youth Policy of Technodinamika aims at creating favorable conditions and opportunities for successful and effective personal fulfilment and self-determination of young professionals to develop their potential for the benefit of our company.

Social policy

The holding strives to build relationships with employees based on mutual trust and mutual accountability, and orientation towards common goals.

The Technodinamika holding aims to create better working conditions and professional development for its employees in order to improve the quality of life of employees and their families, and to ensure social stability in the regions of presence.