Environmental protection

Environmental Policy

Preserving the natural wealth of the planet is an essential component of the environmental policy adopted by Technodinamika. The company’s environmental policy aims at increasing the energy and environmental efficiency. Technodinamika is committed to maintaining a sustainable ecological balance in all areas of its business that fits well into an ambitious program of social responsibility, which is one of the company’s fundamental principles.

To achieve the environmental policy objectives, Technodinamika is implementing modernization of its enterprises located throughout Russia.

The main mechanisms, used to implement the company’s commitments under this Environmental Policy are:

- maintaining and improving the corporate environmental management system, based on the international standard requirements;
- establishing measurable corporate environmental goals aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment and ensuring the availability of resources, necessary to achieve them;
- compulsory registration of environmental aspects and assessment of risks in the planning, developing and implementing of new works and projects;
- maintaining the industrial environmental control and monitoring, assessing the impact of economic activities on the environment;
- promoting research and implementing innovative projects, aimed at improving the energy efficiency, renewable energy and alternative energy;
- using the best available technologies at different stages of production activities;
- studying, understanding and applying in practice by each employee of the company of all applicable legal requirements, relating to environmental aspects of activities in the regions of the company’s presence;
- improving the environmental training of the company’s employees;
- involving all employees in the company's activities, related to the environmental management system;
- interacting with organizations and individuals, interested in improving the environmental safety of the holding;
- making the company’s obligations under the Environmental Policy known to all persons, working for the holding or on its behalf.