Holding projects

The holding adopted the unified Charity and Sponsorship Policy.
Charity and sponsorship are an expression of the company’s civic stance and the natural desire to do good, these are just as important for the Company as the result of its economic activities.

Our objectives in the field of sponsorship and charity:

- contribute to the social development of Russia;
- strengthen the company’s reputation as a socially responsible organization;
- strengthen the Company’s reputation in the social and cultural environment;
Visit to Bykovsky orphanage
On October 11, 2014, a trip to Bykovsky orphanage with the participation of the CEO of Technodinamika Holding, Maksim Kuzyuk took place. The company supports and builds the playground. A meeting with Lyudmila Gatalskaya, director of the orphanage, was held during the visit. The charming woman who loves each of the 40 children, showed the home where the children live, talked about their interests, hobbies, and merits, and also shared the problems that exist today. During the trip, the employees got to know the children, who for them put on a show. The children recited poems, sang and danced. A meeting was organized with the football team, for which the holding company is now building a field, and in the near future (after the playground is completed) is planning to organize a football match with the Technodinamika team. It should be noted that all sports equipment bought with the money of the holding's employees was brought to the orphanage and given to the children, who were very happy and beamed with smiles. “At the end of the visit, I’m definitely sure that what we started has value and will certainly benefit the children. I'd love to help, not only financially, but also as “older friends”. To uncover new horizons for the children so that they dreamed of and longed for. We have a great deal we can do for them in this area, and their requests are not too grand. We can organize topical meetings with simple stories about aviation, life, sports, and personal experience. We must bring them to our Design Center and to the manufacturing in the “Respirator”. Next year, the holding will allocate funding for sponsorship to conduct lessons in mathematics, physics, sports, dance, and football. This year, we are also ready to organize a series of master classes in different directions. I'm very proud of those employees who themselves wish to help in the adaptation of children and are willing to give up their personal time. I hope that other colleagues will join in.” said Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of the holding, about the visit.